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HolsterGuydotcom LLC takes the issue of counterfeiting our products very seriously. The protection of our Customers and Patent Rights is a top priority and even though we have team members constantly searching the web for possible violations, we have found that our customer base has proven to be our greatest asset. So to reward the ones who REPORT A COUNTERFEITER, we are now offering a price matching or discount program to add an incentive for being our eyes and ears in the workplace or on the internet.

Together we can reduce and or eliminate these bad players, ensuring that only genuine HGC products reach you and your colleagues. If you see something that just doesn’t look or feel right give call us at 866-612-1961 and let us know.

In exchange for your help, you’ll qualify for our “price match program” that would allow you to purchase that same item from us at the listed price of the suspected counterfeit that’s being reported on.

Please note we have a list of companies we already know of that are selling counterfeits. If you report on one of these companies, we’ll do our best to price match or offer some type of discount on the reported product they are selling in exchange for your help.

What if you already bought a suspected counterfeit item ? First we ask that you call us to verify the source of your purchase, then if you take the time to return it and can provide some type of proof that it’s been returned (tracking number usually works) you instantly qualify for a possible combined price match and discounted shipping for your inconvenience.


We design and distribute two-way radio carrying solutions to companies and individuals all around the world, from dock workers to Presidential security details and all points in between. One of HGC's highest priorities is to design, produce and distribute the best of the best hand-held radio carrying solutions that money can buy. They must work as promised and solve the customers concerns when it comes to carrying their two-way radios. All our products are manufactured by highly trained personnel that follow our design team’s strict standards to ensure quality and lasting craftsmanship.

We offer craftsmanship warranties, 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantees on each product we sell and are very proud to say all HGC products are made in the USA.

The above is the HGC difference, no counterfeit can offer you!


Here’s what to look for:


Counterfeit products will most likely be sold at a lower price due to cutting corners in craftsmanship and the use of cheaper materials.


(Big Red Flag) This is most likely where you’ll run into possible counterfeiters! They sell here because it’s very easy to list products without too many questions.

Note: we do have some Authorized Dealers that sell on these platforms. If you’re not sure, call us at 866-612-1961 were here to ensure you get genuine HGC products.

The benefits of calling us are peace of mind knowing you’re getting genuine HGC products, price matching and shutting down bad players looking to take advantage of you.


Counterfeits might try and copy our packaging; some might ship the item without any protective wrapping at all.

At HGC you can rest assured when you purchase one of our products it will be protected in either a heat sealed or zip lock poly bag with a genuine insert that has the item number, picture, small description, company name, address and phone number printed on it!

Above are the top hints for identifying a possible counterfeit, we hope this information helps to increase your awareness that there are some bad players out there, so shop wisely and remember if it looks too good to be true it’s most likely a fake.

You can report a suspected counterfeit or suspicious activity to our sales department at 866-612-1961.

Thank you again for 20 years of continued support,

Gordon Caldwell
Owner, Designer