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High Visibility Radio Vest Description Sheet
HRV-400 Recommended uses and in what type of conditions as outlined by


Low-speed roadways (Not exceeding 25 mph)

Little Visual Clutter

Activities permit full attention to traffic

Low congestion

Primarily off the right-of-way activities



Forklift Drivers

Shopping Cart Retrievers

Parking Lot Attendees

Sidewalk Maintenance workers

Note from the Manufacture:, Inc. understands that safety is of the utmost importance in the workplace and we believe that when our product (HRV-400) is used as directed by the manufacture and the employee using this product is trained properly in respects to workplace safety and ANSI Guidelines it will greatly reduce the chance of an accident in the workplace.
Further more, makes no claims that the use of the HRV-400 will prevent any accidents in the workplace or any claims to the certification by OSHA., does not recommend any use of this product above a class 1 Safety Vest as outlined by the ANSI 107-1999 specifications.


The HRV-400 works great for individuals that drive Forklifts, Heavy Equipment, employees of Barge lines, Search & Rescue, Warehouse, Parking attendants and any other under 25 MPH traffic situation where increased visibility required.
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