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 New Dealer Setup Page   
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New Dealer Setup Information Page

Becoming a dealer is a simple process. The following information is required to set you up in our system:

(1) Resellers permit for Companies based in the USA.

(2) Company Contact Information.

(3) Credit card on file, we do not offer net thirty for new accounts.  Approval for net thirty is based on sales        history, volume and order frequency.

(4) UPS Shipper Number, if not available we can add shipping costs to your invoice.

 There is no need for a resale certificate for International based companies.

To learn more about our terms, please proceed to our policy page @ http://www.holsterguy.com/Policy.htm.

Where to send your Information:

Attention: “New Dealer Set up”: Fax: 253-826-3321 email: holsterguy@earthlink.net

Once you have provided the above information, we will email you our 2014 Product & Pricing Sheet. 

How to place an order:

 “Purchase Orders” can be made in one of three ways, by Phone 866-612-1961, Fax 253-826-3321 or Email holsterguy@earthlink.net

Drop Shipping: Drop Shipping is available on orders above $300.00, under that amount there is a $5.00 fee.

New Products and Price changes:
We are always in the process of expanding and improving our product line. Details for those items will be relayed when available. Our 2014 products and pricing list are either attached or available upon request. Pricing does not include shipping charges. All items and pricing are subject to change without notice.

New product Development or Custom work to existing product line:
We do on occasion modify our products to meet customer’s specific needs. In order to qualify there is a minimum order requirement. If there is a customer request for such work, please email Gordon Caldwell direct at caldwell88@earthlink.netsubject lineProduct Modification”.  Simple changes usually require a minimum of 50 units depending on changes.

Holsterguy.com also offers production line services and solutions .If  you need a product manufactured and it meets our production line requirements we will work with you to refine a solution. Contact Gordon Caldwell via email at caldwell88@earthlink.netsubject lineProduction Line Work”.
For additional assistance please contact our sales team at 866-612-1961.

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